We were engaged by management to:

- Evaluate the business and provide advice on future direction

- Ultimately we assisted in the sale of the business



The business was owned by cousins who had bought the company from their fathers. They had been successfully running the business for many years and the company had experienced healthy growth, however, the owners had different strengths and were taking the company in different directions.



The company had two divisions and one division was effectively funding the other resulting in lower overall profitability. The market was also changing and experiencing a high degree of consolidation which was putting downward pressure on prices. The issues presented by the changing business environment were compounded by challenges the company was facing.

The company was struggling to develop an effective management team and had been unable to deploy technology that could help with forecasting, inventory management and monitoring of performance. Inventory procurement required long lead times resulting in low inventory turns and significant working capital requirements. The company’s bank debt was rising, the shareholders did not want to provide additional funding, and they could not agree on a new direction for the company.


Our Role

We worked with the shareholders and management team to evaluate various options that would maximize the company’s potential. After numerous discussions, given all the above circumstances, it became clear that the best path forward was to sell the business. We decided on a soft sale because it would allow the operations to continue normally while the sale process was carried out. We quietly approached potential buyers whose knowledge of the potential sale would not pose a threat to the on-going business.



The company sold to a foreign buyer at a price that exceeded the shareholders’ expectations.